Texas Agri-Women Joins Texas Water Smart


Our organization recently joined Commissioner Todd Staples, 130+ members of the Texas Legislature and many more state officials, local officials and business leaders on the Texas Water Smart Coalition.  In response to the need for increased water conservation by all water users during the 2011 drought, the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), began working with a diverse public-private coalition to develop and promote a consistence, long-standing and statewide consumer education campaign on water conservation.

The campaign, known as Texas Water Smart, educates businesses and families on simple, proactive steps to conserve water. The message is unique because it promotes practical and easy-to-do techniques that are proven to conserve, and the model has been market tested. During April, 2012, the coalition began implementing a full-scale outreach plan using radio, television, newspaper, social media and print material to educate Texans on the easy water conservation methods. The techniques are relevant for businesses and homes regardless of location or climate conditions. Many local governments and associations find Water Smart tools to be helpful at meeting local and regional goals for water conservation education and thanks to the support of the coalition’s many private partners, the resources developed through Texas Water Smart are available at no cost to the public partners. Additional information on the program and coalition can be found at: www.TexasWaterSmart.com.


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