Texas Agriculture

Quick Facts

Number of Farms 245,000*
Land in Farms (acres) 130,000,000*
Average Farm Size (acres) 531*

Oldest Ranch in Texas-The JA, the oldest ranch in the Texas Panhandle, has an illustrious history, tied to one family since the Panhandle was first settled.

Century Farms– In Texas, there are more than 4,500 Century Farms recognized by what we call the Family Land Heritage (FLH) Program, administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). They are found in 237 of Texas’ 254 counties, led by Fayette County with 151.

Number of Cattle in Texas- For 2012 11,900,000

Also this is a very good pdf on Texas Agriculture from Ag in the Classroom.

*2011 NASS Figures

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